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New Newgrounds.

2012-03-05 13:57:53 by Tystarr

I just had to put up a new post. The other one was super old..soo yeah...See all of you at Pico Day? Yes? Okay. Good. And I just got my driver's license today!!

Pico Day and New Osama toon!

2011-05-02 18:42:57 by Tystarr

So yeah Pico Day at the Newgrounds office was great! I loved everyone I met and I cannot begin to explain to you all who weren't there how awesome it all was. So instead of rubbing it in y'all faces and going through in descriptive detail here's a brand new spanking cartoon!


Also, if you want to know more about Pico Day there should be a video coming soon and people are always posting pics.

~*Starr Out*~

Pico Day and New Osama toon!

Pico Day!

2011-04-30 03:14:12 by Tystarr

It's time to celebrate!!! But first, I need some serious sleep.
Theres a reason I make only 1 animation per year.

Pico Day!

Twisted Comix Halloween Week!

2010-10-27 15:44:10 by Tystarr

Whats up NGers!

If you didn't already know, Halloween is this Sunday so in celebration of such a glorious day this whole week Twisted Comix will be updating daily and featuring Halloween themed strips.

If you love Halloween as much as I do or just appreciate the creepy awesomeness of it all check out Twisted Comix!

The Twisted Comix Comic book is also in the making...but thats another post for another day.


Twisted Comix Halloween Week!

A lot to complete.. Just had to post something to replace my last post.

New Animation coming soon!

Robot Day??

2010-07-01 16:15:47 by Tystarr

Robot day is coming up and I haven't started anything yet... Sheeesh...

I have to release something, this day combines two of my favorite loves!


Hmm... I may have an idea.. Do you guys have one?

Btw my dude Atomic-noodle from the other coast and fellow Newgrounder just released his first album, Soul Therapy.
Go and listen to it and tell him whatcha think of it.

Heres a page of doodles cause I think a post isn't complete without a pic.

Robot Day??

Pico Day and Baltimore and Voice Actors!

2010-05-13 12:39:50 by Tystarr

Hey, this is my first front page post! I've been waiting for this for a while.
I didn't want to post until the Pico Day Winnners were announced.

I got 10th place, not too bad for my first feature. Thank you everyone for voting and reviewing!

Soo onto the news, instead of giving you Newgrounders a long-winded detailed description of the trip I'll just hit ya with all the best times of the trip, bullet point style!

Pico Day Friday!

+ Left Friday morning to Philly from Nyc and didn't get lost until I got to Philly and made the wrong turn to NG Headquarters.

+ Arrived at NG early and caught up with Wade at the door where we continued to enter the HQ and meet up with Bob to fix up the Projector.

+ Had a great time chatting with everybody *Check up with everyone else for pics*

+ Checked out the crazy office, mine is only half as cool.

+ Luis rushing me to the Train Station before the last train I needed left. (Thanks again for that!)

And that was Friday. I mean theWHOLE day was more than awesome but If I wrote about it all it would be a small book. It really was that mind blowing for me. First time meeting a lot of the staff and a bunch of great artists. This event will definitely go down in my mind as top 3 of the coolest moments in my life.

Now only if I knew the table with all the cool stuff was a freebies table....


Now Baltimore was a whole 'nother beast. I took my girlfriend and fellow ng member along (you'll never get her username) .

So let me hit you again with the best and memorable moments from Baltimore!

+ Got to Baltimore on the bus in the middle of nowhere where all the other riders kept going in the bus to D.C

+ We ventured to a bus stop where we ended up in the county section of Baltimore which was pretty ghetto. We met a few friendly questionable folks who were surprised and interested in the fact we hailed from Nyc. They conversed with us and ask us such questions as 'how much does crack cost in Ny'. I'm Paraphrasing of course but it was on those on lines more than I was comfortable with.

+ As we walked along a young fellow in a car warned of the neighborhood so we quickly decided to make a return to the middle of nowhere.

+ We stayed in the bus stop about 2 hours calling Newgrounders from Luis to Tom to Nogfish until we decided we could figure how to get to the Pier from where we were. The place was dilapidated and sketchy at best with a redneck couple arguing loudly and violently at one point. Thank goodness I had my portable movie player.

+ We befriended another man who was drinking the whole time we were talking and he was kind of our tour guide to Baltimore while we told him grand tales of the wonders in Nyc. He was cool but kept telling us how he was going to start businesses and buy things we could see he couldn't attain. But without him we may have never made it to the pier.

The Pier...

Since our whole morning in Baltimore was spent stranded we finally met up with the rest of Newgrounds at the Pier at this ESPN Zone where we were greeted by Tom Fulp where he presented us with game cards to play in the arcade.

+ A great moment in Baltimore was eating Chipotle with my girlfriend and the always entertaining SardonicSamurai. He is a very cool guy and it was a pleasure hanging out with him.

+ The most memorable part of the arcade? Me losing my Blackberry for about 30 and me slowly losing hope in finding my phone with soooo much information in it. I was about to lose my mind but thankfully we found it just in time to........

+ Wait around at Barnes and Noble. Probably my first time really engaging Renaenae. Another awesome Newgrounder. We chilled in Barnes and Noble for about an hour until Hans encouraged Luis to leave.

Baltimore Saturday Night

Now this part of the trip is where things flipped from Amazing to Omgwtfthisisincredible!

+ Riding in the car with Krinkels, HansVanHarken, and Luis was such an interesting and cool trip.

+ Gf got locked in Luis' car seatbelt.. we saved her eventually. I still got the mark from where Krinkels accidentally burned me with his cigarette. Isn't that a cool fan gift? Lol, nah it was cool though.

+ We arrived at the Suites Hotel where we treated like royalty and hanged out all night!
-Stamper flirted with my girl . Pretty funny stuff I must say.
-Wonchop said a corny/ black joke while we watched a movie. HA
-Swain played all the hits on the Kazoo. I was truly impressed.
-We had pizza and played video games. We all played Ninja Turtles on the PS3 together!
-I beat everyone in the room on Marvel vs Capcom
-Mindchamber defeated me in Street Fighter.

It was a real long night and again I 'm missing out on a lot of details.

Baltmore Sunday morning

+ Woke up and it was breakfast time. We roomed with (Evil-Dog) Marco and Rob so when we woke up, my girlfriend and I went down to eat where Marco met up with us.

+ The breakfast was tasty and the trip was sadly coming to a close.

+ We talked, explored, and we went back to meet up with all the other Ng'ers in the lobby where a lot of us were saying our good byes. I got mostly everyone to sign a page I had since I took no pics and wanted something to remember everybody bye then my girl and I went our way back to Nyc.

In all the trip was more than I ever would of expected and met up with some people I already knew and gained new acquaintances along the way.

Thank you everyone for making the trip so exciting and fun and I hope to see you all again one day
and of course thanks Tom because without you none of this would have ever been possible!

Shoutouts to:Jonas, Oney, Mindchamber, The Swain, Hans, Nogfish, Starogre, Egoraptor, Rob, Bob, Wade, Stamper, JohnnyUtah, Luis, Krinkels, Evil-Dog, FbiPolux, Tomamato, Mike, Psychogoldfish, Benjamin Pyles (lol dude whats your username? ) and Wonchop!

Please forgive me if I forgot anybody, everybody I met made the trip worth it in every way.

*~Starr Out*~

Ps. I need voice actors for next cartoon. Hit me up with a Dm if interested and I'll give you the details.

Pico Day and Baltimore and Voice Actors!

NG @ Apple Con

2010-05-07 18:41:37 by Tystarr

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhjApVV SCow

I cant embed the video but its pretty cool..

I made it...

2010-04-30 00:06:09 by Tystarr

I actually finished a cartoon... Oh snap!

Now time to sleep.. I been working on this thing for a good while but this last week has been waking up to animating and going to sleep from animating...

Check out www.TwistedComix.com

~*Starr Out*~

I made it...


2010-03-18 22:09:46 by Tystarr

Big things happening..

On the Sketchbook tour it states I'm busy with TwistedComix and iChasedollars.com but truth is I'm doing a lot more than that. The website iChasedollars is just a project under my freelance design business. I design a lot of sites and such while struggling to complete my own creative projects.

So.. Pico Day is coming.. I hope I'll have something to show for that. ..in the meantime..heres a sketch.